Are you a first-time seller feeling more than a little overwhelmed by the process of getting your home on the market? Even experienced agents and sellers can use a few pointers. To ease your stress and save time please review our helpful checklist to assist in making your home photoshoot ready before our photographer arrives.

Our photographers give a 2-hour timeframe of their arrival. Each home must be photoshoot ready before your photographer arrives. If your home is not ready within 10 minutes of the photographer’s arrival, there will be an additional fee of $50 for their time added to the order. If you request a specific time of day, there will be a $25 non-refundable fee added to your order.  There is also an additional fee added to destinations 20 miles and over.

For more questions regarding additional fees please see our FAQs.

Exterior Front and Back

  • Remove cars from driveway
  • Close all windows
  • Sweep walkways
  • Pick up leaves, sticks, branches
  • Put toys, bicycles away
  • Store seasonal décor
  • Stow garden tools, supplies
  • Remove all hoses
  • Straighten and arrange deck furniture
  • Clean pool area

Interior: Main Areas

  • Remove personal items/photos
  • Remove all visible clutter
  • Open shades/blinds
  • Replace burned out light bulbs
  • Tidy up or put away all children’s toys
  • Empty waste baskets
  • Hide pet dishes/toys/beds
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Sweep hard floors
  • Remove newspapers, mail
  • Display attractive books
  • Turn off televisions
  • Turn on all lights

Interior: Kitchen

  • Remove all items from refrigerator door
  • Store food in cabinets
  • De-clutter counters, stove
  • Stow small appliances
  • Hide soaps, cleaning items
  • Hide dish towels, sponges
  • Clear sink of dishes
  • Put away draining rack
  • Organize items on open shelves
  • Place bowl of fruit on counter

Interior: Dining Room

  • Straighten/push in dining chairs
  • Add centerpiece, candles
  • Set the table for dinner
  • Add a vase of flowers
  • Add a bottle of wine, glasses

Interior: Bedrooms

  • Make the beds
  • Arrange decorative pillows
  • Put away clothing, shoes
  • Clean under the bed
  • Clear surfaces of clutter

Interior: Bathrooms

  • Make the bathrooms sparkle
  • Hang fresh towels
  • Clear counters of toiletries
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean toilet and close lid
  • Remove all items from tub and shower
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